Next Stop Bob Dylan Night!

By jparlane, posted in Music

There’s only a short time to go until some of Australia’s most talented musicians come together for the hugely anticipated event – Bob Dylan Night.

Making his mark on generation after generation, the master of songwriting has left his devoted fans with over 47 albums of varying sound and genre. Bob Dylan Night is an opportunity to reminisce in the music that has become familiar to all of us. 

Often photographed hard at work behind his typewriter his dedication has certainly inspired the young musicians of today. The exciting part of Bob Dylan Night is the chance you all have to pick and choose which songs you’d like to hear at the event.

With a collection of 500 songs, voting for your favourites will be an event in itself leaving Bob Dylan Night’s stellar line up to bring them all together.

If you haven’t had the chance to see a line up of Australia’s most respected musicians all under the same roof, performing the music of a true legend, then Bob Dylan Night is your perfect opportunity. That being said, if you’re a die hard Bob Dylan fan then this event is not to be missed, who wouldn’t want to join in on the fun of a Bob Dylan 50th Anniversary Concert.

Don’t forget to lock in your votes here if you haven’t already done so and snap up your last minute tickets here 

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  1. John Slack's Gravatar John Slack
    July 8, 2012 at 10:57 pm | Permalink

    Saw the concert in Sydney tonight. It was great! Will there be a CD or DVD?

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