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The Wizard of Woz

By jparlane,

When Steve Wozniak left Apple in the 80s after being awarded the National Medal of Technology by the President of the USA, his achievements were far from over. An inventor and philanthropist, Steve Woz is a huge believer of hands-on learning for students and encouraging creativity in schools. To this day, the importance of education is the driving force behind Steve Woz, which has seen him contribute huge donations of computer and technology products to students and schools.

Besides being the co-founder of Apple, Steve Woz founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and was the founding sponsor for the Silicon Valley Ballet, the Tech Museum and the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose to name a few. Now the Chief Scientist at Fusion-io, Steve Woz isn’t just a master at heading up companies. Steve Woz is a true inventor and this was confirmed upon his induction into the Inventors Hall of Fame in 2000 for ‘Microcomputer for Use with Video Display – Personal Computer.’

Earlier on in his career, Steve Woz lost his memory after a plane crash in 1981, he could not recall the crash or even remember day-to-day events. As time passed, his memory eventually recuperated. Read up on how Steve Woz describes it.

An all-round hub of knowledge, Steve Woz is someone you want to shake hands with. Full of positivity, and passionate about the importance of ideas, you’ll certainly gain some inspired industry insights if you’re lucky enough to sit in on one of his Australian or New Zealand (Auckland) seminars coming up in May 2012.

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