Looking Through a Glass Onion

December 2010, Music

Looking through a glass onion is a unique stage show – part concert, part monologue, using a great combination of both as well as spot-on lighting to evoke some of the key events and thoughts that made the man and phenomenon that was John Lennon, from the time he was a lad through to the emergence of the Beatles, Yoko, the breakup and interspersed with oblique references to the ominous conclusion that we all know is inevitably to come, as it lurks in the darkness throughout the performance.

John Waters’ moving show is so clever, yet simple in its delivery. It provided a truly wonderful experience and intimate atmosphere that all members of the audience enjoyed to the full. I’m so glad the John Waters has reprised this role, one that has been so cleverly crafted and one that can continue to be shared by all of us.

Sorry, there are no photos for this event.

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